Motivation inspiration

Do you ever get stuck?

Do you ever wonder what to do next?

Or - am I on the right path?

Well guess what...

Everyone on this planet has felt that exact same feeling.




Don't sit around and worry about it.

Don't sit around and analyze it.

Fear is normal.

Uncertainty is normal.

You're going to have those feelings.

There's no point in fighting it. Worrying about it.

Obsessing over it. Analyzing it.

That's a victim mentality. 

You don't have to figure out WHY you're afraid.

You don't even have to figure out WHAT to do next.

You just have to do something.


Get off your butt and DO something.

Write your next blog post.

Setup your first Facebook Ad.

Email the top 5 bloggers in your industry and offer to guest post for their blog. 

Just DO something. 

I've noticed in my own life the only time I get unhappy.

Uncertain. Doubtful. Fearful.

Is when I'm not taking enough action - that's when I get down and depressed.

That's when I start second-guessing things.

Overanalyzing everything.

You been there?


We all have.

And guess what people often do when they find themselves uncertain or fearful?

They go out and buy yet ANOTHER product.

They go read ANOTHER blog post.

They go listen to ANOTHER podcast.

And you know what that does for them?

Diddly... Squat. 

The ONLY way to conquer fear and uncertainty is through massive action.

Just decide.

Take the next step.

Do ONE thing today to move your business forward.

Because that ONE action step will create immediate momentum in your business.

It will begin a new "flow" of creativity, ideas, and motivation.

You don't need to get motivated.

Motivation is created through action. Through activity.

You don't get motivated by sitting on your butt or reading another blog post.

You get the MOST motivation by getting out there, taking action, and getting RESULTS. 

Ask yourself right now...

What are you avoiding?

What are you afraid of right now?

In my own life... whenever I'm afraid of something - it's a signal to me of what I need to do next.

Step into your fear.

Do the things that make you uncomfortable.

That's where you get results.

Most people aren't willing to do the things that make them uncomfortable.

They'd rather watch Netflix.

They'd rather shop for Black Friday Deals.

They'd rather do pretend work like tweaking their blog design.

When it don't matter cause they ain't gettin no traffic anyways.

(My Southern Kentucky Accent shining through there ;)

Let's stop pretending.

Let's stop being "wannabe" entrepreneurs.

Let's start DOING the actions required to build a real business. 

Because at the end of the day there are only TWO types of people in this world.

1. Those who are willing to do the required actions to achieve their desired result.

2. Those who are NOT willing to do what's required to achieve their desired result.